Temperament là gì

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The thiết kế of the current study precluded us from examining how the development of temperament may influence trajectories of symptomatology in early childhood.
These dual emphases on infant temperament & chất lượng of attachment underscored the renewed interest in individual differences in development.
Admittedly, levels of satisfaction or dissatisfaction are khổng lồ an extent related lớn the temperament of individuals.
These works, written in the 1720s, were a manifeslớn for equal temperament, or adjustments in keyboard tuning.
There is no reason khổng lồ assume that disorganized attachment is the consequence of the infant"s difficult temperament.
A poor fit between the child"s temperament và the environment culminates in insecure or disorganized attachment.
Early maternal negative perceptions of the child predicted negative temperament & behavior problems 18 months after treatment.
Family rigidity was also associated with higher maternal anxiety and with a more difficult infant temperament.
Munitions factories, field hospitals, and military laboratories suited their " temperament " better than the front-line.
The maternal hormones và emotions & the temperament và behavior regulation were virtually identical for boys và girls.
Evaluating convergent & discriminant validity of temperament questionnaires for preschoolers, toddlers, & infants.
These conjectures are proposed in lieu of specific information regarding the precise mechanisms linking prenatal, postpartum, and concurrent hormones & temperament and behavior regulation.
To understand developmental pathways, we will need to lớn disentangle complex interaction effects among muốn early temperament predispositions, socialization processes, relationships, and culture.

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Other parents, however, found profound professional resistance from schools khổng lồ knowledge transfer from parents about temperament.
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