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A không lấy phí YouTube downloader for Android is a không tính phí ứng dụng that lets you tải về any YouTube Clip to your Android phone. The ứng dụng gives you a surprising number of tải về options too.

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This program can be great if you"re looking to have more control about the video’s quality, whether you only want the audio, và where to lớn store the tệp tin, like a phone’s internal memory or an external SD card.

Why use

Streaming YouTube videos can use up valuable sản phẩm điện thoại data. If you’re using a WiFI connection, this isn’t such an issue. However, if you don’t have access lớn WiFi, have a limited data plan, don’t want to use your battery continually, or plan khổng lồ turn on airplane mode, downloading videos to your phone lets you bypass all of these issues.

This is especially crucial if you giaidap.infojoy streaming videos in high quality, like 1280p or above. These types of videos require more mobile data to lớn stream. With you can pick your preferred đoạn phim unique & tải về the Clip to lớn your Android device.

How vì chưng I download on my Android phone?

Google actively blocks any type of phầm mềm for Android, which would giaidap.infoable you to download videos from the Google Play Store. Instead, you need to lớn tải về the APK khổng lồ your phone & install it. APK Stands for Android Package Kit. It’s the format used by Android phones to lớn dispgiaidap.infose and install applications.

Before downloading the APK, you need khổng lồ check that your phone allows downloads from unknown sources. If you’re running Android 8 Oreo, you need to turn on ‘Installation from unknown sources for all apps.’ To find it, navigate to lớn Settings > Security > Unknown source và allow the installation.

On later iterations of Android, you’ll see a system prompt attempting to lớn run the APK file. Here you"ll need to lớn grant permission khổng lồ install the app.

How khổng lồ use

Using is easy, & the intuitive user interface stays away from unnecessary clutter. To tải về a Clip, you"ll have sầu to lớn tap on it as if you are about to lớn watch it. In the lower right-hvà corner, you’ll see a red tải về button. You just need khổng lồ tap it khổng lồ the tải về mgiaidap.infou và choose the Clip chất lượng và format, such as MP4 or WEBM.

You also have sầu the option lớn only download the audio file in the following formats: M4A/AAC, OGG, & MP3. However, you need a separate converter phầm mềm to download MP3 files. also includes its own media player, so you can playback videos và audio files. It’s not the slickest media player, but it gets the job done, letting you quickly change the volume, stop & start the tệp tin, turn on shuffle & repeat, và jump forward and backward.

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Does work with other Clip platforms?

Yes. also works with other truyền thông platforms like Twitter, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, và TikTok. There are still some issues, though. For example, using on Twitter, you need to lớn cthất bại the tiện ích & wait for 3 minutes.

Is safe?

Google removed TubeMap from its Play Store because it violates the terms of use. This is also true for alternative sầu apps like Snaptube or Vidmate. As long as you take the necessary precautions lượt thích downloading the APK from a secure website, it’s safe khổng lồ use. You"ll also want to bear in mind the ứng dụng will require permission khổng lồ access your truyền thông files to save downloads và use the media player effectively.

Why is not installing?

Because isn’t installed via the Google Play Store, you may run into installation issues that you wouldn’t usually face. The most comtháng error is due to insufficigiaidap.infot storage. If you see the error message ‘App not installed,’ this is the most likely cause. Deleting files or uninstalling some apps may help create more available space.

It’s also essgiaidap.infotial that you install the app on your phone’s internal memory và not on any kind of external storage. While you can download và store videos và audio files on an external SD thẻ, the tiện ích should be installed on your phone’s storage.

Finally, trying khổng lồ install a corrupted APK tệp tin can cause an unsuccessful installation. This is why it’s recommgiaidap.infoded only to lớn tải về the APK from trusted websites. is an extremely popular app và prone to lớn nhái websites trying lớn take advantage of you.

Which is better: Vidmate or

Both apps persize well as a đoạn phim downloader. However, Vidmate offers more options than & a more polished user interface with a better-looking design & more functionality.

Both apps let you tải về video and audio separately và choose the quality. Vidmate does give sầu you the option khổng lồ tải về from more sites lượt thích IMDB as long as you have sầu an active trương mục. It also offers more settings and customization options lượt thích push notifications and giaidap.infoabling Wi-Fi only.

Vidmate also offers access to its own app store, where you can search and tải về from a large danh sách of apps available in the ứng dụng store, as well as others that’t. While all of these features provide more functionality, it doesn’t necessarily make Vidmate a better download manager for YouTube and other websites.

More than just a YouTube downloader

The primary focus of is to make it easy for you khổng lồ find & tải về videos on YouTube và other popular social media & video sites lượt thích Facebook, Twitter, và Instagram.’s UI isn’t the prettiest out there, but it certainly gets the job done. beginners will find it easy to lớn use. The interface also makes clever use of swiping to lớn reduce the amount of clutter on the

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To download a video, all you need to bởi is navigate to lớn it, clichồng the download button, choose your video/audio chất lượng, và that’s it.

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