Tải airshou cho ios 10

Are you looking for a screen recorder ứng dụng for your iPhone or iPad? Then AirShou is one of the best screen recorder ứng dụng for iOS. The tiện ích is also totally không tính tiền. AirShou app has gained huge popularity in the market as one of the best iPhone/iPad tablet screen recorder apps. Now let’s see what is AirShou.

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What is AirShou?

The AirShou is a wonderful và feature-rich screen recorder app that lets you record anything you are doing on the screen of your iOS or Android device. What is more, apart from allowing you to record your screen right from your device, the AirShou app allows you khổng lồ chia sẻ your recordings on social truyền thông platforms as well. And the biggest advantage of AirShou is that you vì not have khổng lồ jailbreak your iOS device for using the AirShou screen recorder. This app is compatible with almost all iOS devices. The app is also totally không lấy phí.

Here in this post, I am going to show how to lớn download screen recorder iOS 10 on your iPhone without jail-breaking. Before I go lớn show the steps to follow khổng lồ download the screen recorder app let me first describe the main features of the AirShou tiện ích.

 AirShou Screen Recorder tiện ích – main features

1. Renders high-quality recordings using minimal processor resources;

2. Records screen of your device with high resolution (offers recording capađô thị of up to 1080Phường at 60fps);

3. Can record in four orientations with no time limitation;

4. Stereo recording can be added to make your videos more professional;

5. Saves recorded videos directly to the Camera Roll;

6. The AirShou Screen Recorder Works on all iOS 7 to iOS 12 devices with extra features added for iOS 9 or higher;

7. The recorder is also compatible with Android;

How khổng lồ tải về AirShou screen recorder iOS 10

Follow the steps below to tải về screen recorder iOS 10 on your iPhone:

Step 1. Open the Safari browser on your iPhone/ipad tablet (no other browser will work for this);


Step 2. Go to lớn the address bar và type the https://airshou.app links. This is the official website of AirShou screen recorder from which the AirShou ứng dụng can be downloaded và installed for free;


Step 3. Wait for the website page to lớn load & then tap on the ‘UP’ arrow. It will either be at the bottom or the top of the screen depending on which device you are using to access it;


Step 4. On the danh mục of options that loads up, tap on ‘Add khổng lồ trang chủ Screen’;


Step 5. Name the icon ‘AirShou’ when asked and tap on the ‘Add’ button;


Step 6. Cthảm bại down the Safari browser & the AirShou ibé would appear on your iPhone/máy tính bảng iPad trang chủ Screen which means your tải về of iOS 10 screen recorder is successful;

After AirShou inhỏ appears on the trang chủ screen follow the following steps to install the Screen Recorder iOS 10 tiện ích on your device:

1. Launch the AirShou phầm mềm from trang chính screen và go to lớn your iOS version page;

2. On the information page that loads, tap on the link to Directly Install to lớn iOS device;

3. When your Settings phầm mềm opens on the Profile page, tap on ‘install profile’;

4. Input your pass code when requested & Safari browser opens;

5. Tap on ‘Install AirShou’ and, when the confirmation window pops up, tap on ‘Install’;

6. Settings open again. Tap on Install > Next;

7. Tap on ‘Install’ on the next page;

8. Now tap on Install > Done;

9. Wait for the tiện ích lớn be installed on your device;

10. Now you can go ahead and launch the iOS 10 screen recorder và start capturing high-quality screen videos;

Now that I have shown how lớn get screen recorder iOS 10 on your iPhone let me also reply to some of the related questions often asked by the people.

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Is AirShou app safe for iOS device?

Apple’s App Store is the only source of iOS apps. AirShou phầm mềm is not available in App store. Since the app is lớn be installed from third buổi tiệc ngọt source, there is no guarantee that the app is safe or malware không tính phí because it is not vetted by the App Store submission process.

Which Screen Recorder is best for iPhone?

5 top screen recorder apps for iPhone are,

1. Record it;

2. Go Record;

3. DU Recorder;

4. Screen Recording Video Capture;

5. TechSmith Capture;

Which is best screen recorder for Android?

5 Top Screen Recording Apps for Android are,

1. Screen Recorder;

2. AZ Screen Recorder;

3. Super Screen Recorder;

4. Mobizen Screen Recorder;

5. ADV Screen Recorder;

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AirShou is one of the best apps for screen recording of Apple devices. But, due to security & privacy reasons, Apple doesn’t permit any applications lớn record your iOS device’s screen. That’s why you cannot find any apps on the App Store that allow you to record your iPhone screen directly from the device. It is for this reason why we need to lớn install the AirShou app on your iOS device from a third các buổi tiệc nhỏ source.

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While going to lớn tải về screen recorder iOS 10 on your device another thing khổng lồ be kept in mind that by mặc định Apple doesn’t allow tải về of any un-trusted apps on its devices. Therefore, before installation of the AirShou Screen Recorder on your iPhone you have sầu to make this app trusted first. This can be done easily by going lớn Settings>General> Profile. Clichồng on AirShou and click on the trust button and confirm the process.

If you are using iOS 11, there’s no need to tải về a screen recorder app because there’s a built-in screen recording utility in iOS 11. Although it has a few glitches but if you want to record your screen, it would totally get the job done. You will find this app in your devices’ Control Center. For more details on using this iOS 11 screen recorder, kiểm tra out this iOS 11 screen recorder post

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