Swelling là gì

The group recruited more members, swelling its ranks (= increasing its size) to more than 1.3 million.

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literary His heart/breast swelled with pride (= he felt very proud) as he stood watching his son graduate.

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Symptoms began within 4 h to lớn 4 days (median 12 h), & virtually all cases developed swelling, erythema, và often intense pain.
Most morphological alterations were presented by the vacuolization of embryonic cells, disintegrated cytoplasm, swollen mitochondria and dilatation in rough endoplasmic reticula.
The ranks of producers have sầu swelled in recent years with the advent of small, computer-based studios.
They often contain swelling structures of the membranes, amorphous matter & dark osmophilic granules.
By the time sampling of the naive exposed group was underway, fish were beginning khổng lồ exhibit low-level disease pathology (kidney swelling index ; 0 -1).
They had no history of lymphangitis, erysipelas, limb swelling or any other stigmata of lymphatic dysfunction.
The extent of oedema or swelling in the host skin was measured with calipers at 2 additional sites trăng tròn min after injection of each solution.
Palpi with third segment slightly swollen before the middle, sensory pit small, fourth segment slightly shorter than third.
Unlike the endothelial cell swelling, these pathosúc tích findings were found only in women with pre-eclampsia.
He placed two small lamb"s bladders, of which the one was empty và very flat, this being swollen after some very little time.
Another chorale emerges low in the strings & swells inkhổng lồ a gloriously rich passage of immediate emotional appeal.
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