Sửa lỗi the system cannot find the file specified

After scanning và correcting errors, restart the computer và kiểm tra if "the system cannot find the tệp tin specified" error is fixed.

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"The system cannot find the tệp tin specified"

"The system cannot find the tệp tin specified" is an error that may happen on Windows 10 or earlier versions & usually indicates an Error Code 0x80070002. The error may also occur under various conditions, but most people receive this prompt when they:

Access a local hard drive, external hard drive, USB, & more in Disk ManagementAccess files và folders on your computerLaunch a programInstall DriverBachồng up system


How to Fix "The system cannot find the file specified"

Depending on your situation, the solutions to the problem "The system cannot find the tệp tin specified" vary. Identify your situation & find the corresponding solutions below.

Workable SolutionsStep-by-step Troubleshooting
Case 1. Error while accessing the driveRecover data from the hard drive sầu > fix the hard drive via Diskpart...Full steps
Case 2. Error while accessing foldersCheck the system log file > look for files via Regedit > kiểm tra for RTHDCPL in Registry key...Full steps
Case 3. Error while launching programsUpdate driver > reinstall program > kết thúc nginx.exe pháo Process...Full steps
Case 4. Error while installing driversLook for files via Regedit > check for RTHDCPL in Registry key...Full steps
Case 5. Error while backing up systemInstall the latest Windows updates > check Services settings...Full steps

Situation 1. Receive sầu "The system cannot find the tệp tin specified" While Accessing a Hard Drive

As you know, most people encounter "the system cannot find the file specified" error when trying khổng lồ access or back up some data. This is because the tệp tin system of the target device is corrupted or damaged, making your hard drive sầu, USB or external hard drive sầu inaccessible. To fix this error, you need to lớn run the chkdsk comm& lớn repair the corrupted tệp tin system, using reliable data recovery software khổng lồ bring all lost data baông xã. Then, clean and re-partition the hard drive using the diskpart comm& in CMD. 

First. Run CHKDSK Command to Fix "System Cannot Find File Specified" DeviceRight-cliông xã the Start button, type cmd in the Search and select Commvà Prompt (Admin).Type chkdsk x: /f /r (x represents your target drive) into the Comm& Prompt window và press Enter Wait while chkdsk tries to repair the corrupted tệp tin systems.Type exit & press Enter lớn leave sầu this command.

After this, you can try lớn re-open the drive to find your saved files. If files are missing or not showing up, move to the next tutorial khổng lồ recover data from your storage device using reliable data recovery software

Next. Recover Data from Problematic Hard Drive sầu or Device

Whether it"s an external storage device or local hard drive, you can use giaidap.info Data Recovery Wizard to recover data from the device. It is able to retrieve deleted/formatted/lost files và get bachồng data from formatted or inaccessible hard drives. To regain access khổng lồ your precious files:

Last. Fix the Hard Drive sầu via Disk Clean Diskpart

Now that you have kept your files safe, but the device is still not accessible, you can follow the steps below to lớn fix the device without any worries.

Step 1. Run Commvà Prompt as an administrator.

Step 2. Enter diskpart và clichồng "Yes" khổng lồ allow this ứng dụng khổng lồ make changes on the computer.

Step 3. Enter the following commands one by one:

list diskselect disk 1 (Replace "1" with the number of your problematic disk)danh sách disk (Now you will see a star in front of the disk you selected)clean (Then you will receive a notification asking you lớn insert a disk. Cliông xã "Cancel". Repeat the "clean" command until you succeed.)

Step 4. If you have sầu successfully cleaned your disk, enter the following commands in order:

các mục diskselect disk Xcreate partition primaryselect partition 1activeformat fs=fat32 quick ("fs" means the file system you want to lớn assign khổng lồ the partition, be it FAT32, NTFS, or exFAT. "quick" indicates "quichồng format".)

If the process goes smoothly, you are now able to lớn access your hard drive or USB drive & use it for data storage again.

Situation 2. Get the Prompt "The system cannot find the tệp tin specified" While Accessing Files/Folders

It also happens that you will see the error message when you try khổng lồ open a folder or file by double-clicking it. There are three solutions lớn this situation.

Method 1. Chechồng the System Log File

Step 1. Navigate lớn the C:/Windows/inf directory và open Inf thư mục.

Step 2. Locate the setupapi.dev or setupapi.dev.log file & open it.

Step 3. Press "Ctrl + F" hotkey & type cannot find the tệp tin in the tìm kiếm.

Step 4. Press "Enter" to lớn run the search. You should get the missing tệp tin.

Step 5. Copy và paste it into lớn the Windows/inf folder.

Step 6. Reinstall the hard disk driver & reboot the system.


Method 2. Look for Files via Regedit

Step 1. Press "Windows + R" & enter regedit. If there is a prompt asking for permission, cliông chồng "Yes".

Step 2. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersion & kiểm tra if there is "RunOnce". If not, add it manually.


Step 3. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersion & kiểm tra whether there is "RunOnce". If not, create it manually.


Step 4. Quit Registry Edit, restart your computer and install hard disk drivers again.

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Method 3. Cheông xã for RTHDCPL in Registry Key

Step 1. Press "Windows + R" & enter regedit. If there is a prompt asking for permission, cliông chồng "Yes".

Step 2. Go lớn HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun & look for RTHDCPL. If it doesn"t exist, check for "Run" property và mix the Admin-user permission as "Full Control", press "OK" to continue.


Be careful not lớn delete content from your registry since it may result in serious issues on your computer.

Situation 3. See the Prompt Saying "The system cannot find the file specified" While Launching Programs

This one seems to occur frequently among mỏi users. Apply one of the three methods below lớn have sầu a try.

Method 1. Update your hard disk driver

Step 1. Go khổng lồ "This PC" > "Manage" > "Device Manager".

Step 2. Expand "Disk drives"

Step 3. Right-click the disk and choose "Update driver"


Method 2. Reinstall the Program

Step 1. Quit the program.

Right-cliông xã on your taskbar and choose "Task Manager"Under the Processes tab, select the program, và then choose "End Task"

Step 2. Reinstall your program

Go lớn "Windows Settings" > "Apps" > "Apps và features"Cliông xã the problematic program và choose "Uninstall"Go to Microsoft Store, tải về the application, & then install it again.

Step 3. Restart your computer.


Method 3. End nginx.exe cộ Process

You may feel unfamiliar with nginx.exe, which is an essential Windows process. The notification of "The system cannot find the find specified" error may result from the fact that the Windows OS starts or restart the nginx.exe cộ abnormally. To fix it:

Step 1. Right-clichồng on your taskbar and choose "Task Manager".

Step 2. Under the Processes tab, select nginx.exe cộ, and then choose "End Task"

Step 3. Download nginx.exe again and restart it.

Situation 4. Receive sầu "The system cannot find the tệp tin specified" While Installing Drivers

If you receive the notification while installing a driver on your PC, you can try method 2 or method 3 in Situation 2 to get rid of the "The system cannot find the file specified" error.

Situation 5. Get the Error Message "The system cannot find the tệp tin specified" While Backing Up System

If your condition fits this situation, you have sầu several options khổng lồ try. In addition lớn trying method 3 in Situation 3, you can also try the two tips detailed below.

Method 1. Install Windows updates

If you haven’t updated Windows for a long time, “The system cannot find the file specified” error is a sign that it"s about time lớn install all pending updates. For this purpose, you have to:

Step 1. Press "Windows + I" keys and select Update và Security.

Step 2. Cliông chồng "Cheông chồng for Updates" & wait.

Step 3. When the các mục of available updates is revealed, install all of them.

Step 4. Repeat the same procedure several times lớn ensure that all needed updates have sầu been installed.

Step 5. Don’t forget khổng lồ restart the system lớn finish the installation of updates.

If you find files are missing after Windows update, you can restore the files with the help of giaidap.info"s data recovery freeware. This free tool allows you to lớn recover lost files in Windows 10, 8 or 7, etc., due khổng lồ the system upgrade, system crash, careless deleting or virut attacking within three simple steps.

Method 2. Cheông chồng Services Settings

Step 1. Go to the Start thực đơn and type services.

Step 2. Go to lớn "Background Intelligent Transfer Services", right-cliông xã it & set the "Startup type" khổng lồ "Automatic" or "Automatic (Delayed Start)", then cliông xã "Start".

Step 3. Go baông chồng khổng lồ find "Cryptographic Services" & "Windows Update", then set their "Startup type" to lớn "Automatic", too.

Step 4. Don"t forget khổng lồ clichồng "Start" khổng lồ initiate the service & clichồng "Apply" > "OK".


The Bottom Line

Since the error message "The system cannot find the tệp tin specified" may appear in many situations, it"s almost impossible khổng lồ include all the solutions in one article. Thus, we have sầu presented you with four commonest situations và the most effective fixes for them. Hope one of the tips above can fix "The system cannot find the tệp tin specified" for you successfully.