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There are few lenses more important lớn photography than the 24-70milimet F2.8 standard zoom, which covers everything from landscape focal lengths lớn one of the favored focal lengths for portrait photography. Most photographers could bởi vì at least 80% of their photography with such a lens. Sigma has followed up their excellent 14-24mm F2.8 Doanh Nghiệp wide angle zoom with a standard zoom at the 24-70milimet focal length. The Sigma 24-70DN (as we’ll điện thoại tư vấn it for brevity) is going lớn make a lot of people question whether they are willing lớn pay twice as much for the GM lens ($2198 USD) when the similarly built and performing Sigma is available for $1099 USD.

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This is an incredibly useful focal range, going from 24mm:


…to 70mm:


In many ways the new Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 DN ART becomes a more direct competitor khổng lồ the very expensive sầu Sony FE 24-70mm F2.8 G Master lens due to having a more similar focal length, maximum aperture, optical performance, và feature phối than the extremely popular Tamron 28-75mm F2.8. At the same time, however, some of the same arguments for choosing the Tamron over the GM lens remain true with the Sigma (form size, weight), though the biggest one (price) is much less true. The Tamron is available for $879 while the Sigma costs $1099 (in the US Market), which is obviously a much smaller gap than comparing a $879 lens to a $2198 one. So is the Sigma the lens lớn buy in the category?

Very possibly, though the answer is a little more nuanced than that. Read on lớn find out why…

If you would lượt thích to watch the reviews, you can choose either the long format or quiông xã format đánh giá videos:

I’ve reviewed the 24-70mm Doanh Nghiệp on my Sony a7RIII và Sony a9 bodies. Thanks to lớn Sigma Canadomain authority for the loaner test lens.

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Sigma 24-70Doanh Nghiệp Build and Handling


A careful look at the specs reveals that the DN lens is actually quite a bit longer than the Canon EF mount version (122.9mm vs 107.6mm) & is a scant 0.2mm narrower (a rounding error). The internal volume of the lens is certainly more, not less. It is considerably lighter (835g vs 1020g), so that’s the true part, though, in full disclosure, the Canon EF version included an OS (optical stabilizer) unit that Sigma is able khổng lồ forego here due lớn so many Sony bodies having IBIS (in-body-image-stabilization). The Doanh Nghiệp lens has a slightly leaner looking profile, but that is primarily due to lớn it being considerably longer rather than actually being narrower.


What is perhaps better marketing is the fact that the Sigma lens is shorter (13mm) and lighter (by 50g) than the Sony GM lens, though that still makes it a fairly large lens. And it is here that the Tamron may still prove more attractive sầu to some perspective buyers, as while it isn’t much shorter (117.8mm, or about 5mm shorter), it is both narrower (15mm) and more than 1/2 lighter (550g). It uses a 67mm filter form size (which is shared across all of Tamron’s other FE lenses) compared to lớn the 82milimet of the Sigma. If you often use a smaller bag and want to lớn travel light, the Tamron is noticeably smaller, và that is most obvious when the lens hoods are reversed for storage. The Tamron’s lens hood is a full 2cm (20mm) less wide from edge khổng lồ edge.

So, if your vision of mirrorless is small & light, the Tamron may still be the more attractive lens despite the Sigma being more pro-grade in its build and features.

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And it is more pro-grade. The 24-70DN has a familiar ART series look, though with a little more upscale feel. There’s a coating similar to lớn fluorine on the front element to make it resistant lớn oils and water (easier to lớn clean). There’s a phối of metals (including brass in the lens mount) và engineered plastics that results in a sturdy, robust build. You’ll find a gasket at the lens mount và a diagram from Sigma reveals that there are a total of 8 seal points throughout the lens, including at the rings and switches.

There is no tendency towards zoom creep, but the lochồng does help when hiking with the lens khổng lồ prsự kiện rubbing on the focus ring while moving which might cause it to zoom out.

The focus ring has thichồng ribs in a rubberized finish, & is (like all lenses actually designed for mirrorless) a “focus-by-wire” focus ring where input on the focus ring is routed through the focus motor. This method has a little less tactile response but Sigma has done a pretty fair job of giving a smooth, evenly damped focus experience. When input is detected the active focus area will automatically magnify in the viewfinder or LCD screen & an on-screen distance scale will appear. It is worth noting that the focus ring is in the opposite position from the Tamron. It is closest to lớn the front of the lens while the zoom ring is closest to lớn the lens mount. What’s odd is that they turn in opposite directions, too, with the Tamron turning the same direction as the Sony zooms I’ve sầu tested và the Sigma turning in the opposite direction.

I found this a little ergonomically disconcerting & noticed it more than I did on the 14-24milimet, probably because that lens was internally zooming and required less force to lớn zoom it. People’s opinions vary, obviously, but I actually prefer the zoom position of the Tamron because I found the Sigma’s zoom ring a little cthua trận lớn the camera mount & often inadvertently reached for the focus ring (nearer the front) instead.

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One other factor here is that the additional girth of the Sigma 24-70Doanh Nghiệp means that one doesn’t have much room for their knuckles between the grip & the lens barrel. This is more a Sony problem than a Sigma problem, as the Sony bodies I used for the nhận xét (a9 and a7RIII) don’t have sầu enough room between the lens mount và the camera grip for North American sized hands.

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