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Learn valuable tips và tricks lớn tốc độ up your V-Ray for SketchUp workflow. Step by step tutorial breakdowns & tutorial assets are available.

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Thе đoạn phim will walk you through V-Ray’s user interface and how lớn get started with a basic project. It covers the Asset Editor & how khổng lồ manage your Materials, Lights, Geometry, Render Elements và DoomoDownload scene >


In this video clip, we will discuss how to set up an exterior lighting for a daylight scenario. You will see how to lớn tweak different light settings of the Sunlight & Domelight features khổng lồ achieve the desired lighting for the DoomoDownload scene >


This đoạn Clip will walk you through the process of setting up a nighttime exterior render for an Archviz workflow using V-Ray Next for SketchUp. It shows how lớn use a variety of V-Ray Lights for night DoomoDownload scene >

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This video clip covers lighting interiors in two parts using V-Ray Next. It builds on concepts from the exterior lighting videos. By the kết thúc, you will gain an understanding of the general lighting workflow for interiors in SketchUp.Download scene >


The đoạn phim will walk you through how to phối up your interior project for night time lighting. It shows you some examples on how khổng lồ simulate light shining in from the moon & adjust the lights & colors for maximum realism.Download scene >

This video covers the basics of materials in V-Ray for SketchUp. It demonstrates how to lớn use the Material Library to create, edit và apply various realistic materials, as well as how to edit preset materials & create new materials from scratch.Download scene >

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This video shows how to lớn add a sense of physical depth khổng lồ our image using the volumetric environment effects in V-Ray Next. You will learn how to lớn use the Aerial Perspective và Environment Fog khổng lồ simulate fog, dust, smoke.Download scene >

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