Scold là gì

*nước ngoài cồn từ
 quở quang, trách nát mắng, rầy la trách, nguyền rủa (ai)
*danh từ
 người hay la rầy gắt gỏng
 tín đồ bầy bà bẳn tính, tín đồ bầy bà giỏi gắt gỏng; bạn bọn bà tốt chửi rủa

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scoldIn.person who constantly complains a comtháng scold IIv. (D; intr.) to scold about, for (they scolded me for being late)
scold▸ verb Mum took Anmãng cầu away, scolding her for her bad behaviour: REBUKE, reprim&, reproach, reprove sầu, admonish, remonstrate with, chastise, chide, upbraid, berate, take to task, read someone the Riot Act, give someone a piece of one"s mind, haul over the coals; informal tell off, dress down, give sầu someone an earful, give someone a roasting, rap over the knuckles, let someone have it, bawl out, give sầu someone hell; Brit.informal tick off, have sầu a go at, carpet, tear someone off a strip, give someone what for, give someone some stichồng, give someone a rollicking/rocket/row; N. Amer.informal chew out, ream out; Austral.informal monster; formal castigate.Oppositespraise.▸ noun (archaic)she is turning inkhổng lồ a scold: NAG, shrew, fishwife, harpy, termagant, harridan; complainer, moaner, grumbler; N. Amer.informal kvetch.
Từ điển Kỹ thuật (EN)
■ mắng mỏ

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Chuyên ổn ngành
* hễ từ
- rầy la, trách nát mắng, mắng mỏ; gắt gỏng* danh từ - người bọn bà bẳn tính, bạn bọn bà tốt gắt gỏng; người bọn bà giỏi chửi rủa
scold■ verb angrily remonstrate with or rebuke. ■ noun archaic a woman who nags or grumbles constantly. Derivatives
scoldernoun OriginME: prob. from ON skáld "skald".

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noun someone (especially a woman) who annoys people by constantly finding fault • Syn: scolder , nag , nagger , common scold• Derivationally related forms: nag (for: nagger ), nag (for: nag ), scold (for: scolder ) Hypernyms: unpleasant person , disagreeable person Hyponyms: harridanII verb1. censure severely or angrily ( Freq. 3)- The mother scolded the child for entering a stranger"s car- The deputy ragged the Prime Minister- The customer dressed down the waiter for bringing cold soup • Syn:Gọi on the carpet , take to task , rebuke , rag , trounce , reproof , lecture , reprimvà , jaw , dress down , hotline down , chide , berate , bawl out , remonstrate , chew out , chew up , have words , lambaste , lambast• Derivationally related forms:chiding (for: chide ), scolder , scolding , reprimand (for: reprimand ), lecture (for: lecture ), reproof (for: reproof ), rebuker (for: rebuke ), rebuke (for: rebuke ) Hypernyms: knoông chồng , criticize , criticise , pick apart Hyponyms:chastise , castigate , objurgate , chasten , correct , tell off , brush down• Verb Frames:- Somebody toàn thân ----s somebody- Sometoàn thân ----s PP (for: have sầu words )- Somebody ----s PPhường (for: remonstrate )- Sometoàn thân ----s PPhường (for: jaw )- Sam cannot scold Sue2. show one"s unhappiness or critical attitude ( Freq. 1)- He scolded about anything that he thought was wrong- We grumbled about the increased work load • Syn: grouch , grumble• Derivationally related forms: scolder , grumble (for: grumble ), grumbler (for: grumble ), grouch (for: grouch ) Hypernyms: complain , kiông chồng , plain , sound off , quetch , kvetch• Verb Frames:- Somebody toàn thân ----s- Sometoàn thân ----s PP

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