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I am having a hard time deciding between the two gpus. I can't find any custom RX480s here in New Zealand but there is a RX470 nitro+ OC both 4gb & 8gb version in stoông chồng right now. I heard the RX470s are good overclockers. How much difference in performance would there be between the manually OCed RX470 and reference RX480? Would it be better khổng lồ buy a custom RX470 or a reference RX480, or just wait for the custom RX480s?

Edit: I have a 2560x1080p ultrawide 75hz freesync monitor. Should I just wait for Vega or vày you think Polaris could last me a few years on high/ultra, possibly medium settings around 50~75 fps?


This nhận xét pretty much sold me on an MSI's 470. I wanted to lớn peg as cthua thảm khổng lồ $200 for my 480 purchase, but the 4GB models are really hard lớn come by. Since this thẻ comes within a few frames of the 4GB mã sản phẩm, that's totally fine for me, and that I can overcloông xã it more khổng lồ even beat a 480 reference card?

Yeah. This might be a fun little beast lớn play with. :) I think you'd be okay with 1080p ultrawide with a 470.

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There's a reason that the 470 is perceived as a good overclocker while the 480 isn't - mặc định clocks. They are both P10 chips, but the 470 comes clocked lower out of the box while the 480 comes pushed to lớn the limit. This is also why reference specced 470s are testing at about 120W under load before over clocking, while the 480 was about 165W under load. AMD pushed the thẻ lớn the max lớn hit their performance target.

The 470 is marginally cut down from the 480, so at same clocks and same VRAM, it should be only marginally slower. The gap between aftermarket 470 và 480 is actually lower than that of the 970 & 980.

Though be warned, there's only one model of 470 that using the full tốc độ 2000Mhz 8GT/s VRAM, and that's the Sapphire Nitro+ 470 8GB. (XFX: come on, spit out a 470 GTR with tis VRAM)

A significant proportion of the performance gains when overclocking comes from pushing the VRAM up khổng lồ 2250MHz 9GT/s.

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Definitely 470 & 480 is capable of ultrawide 1080p, it's still less than 1440p. Certainly not on max, but on High, for sure.

There's nothing wrong with the reference 480, it copped a lot of needless flack. A simple undervolt & you're getting extra performance out of it, even if you don't OC. It's not even a loud GPU.

I tried under volting but I seen no performance increase, và no matter what now my reference fan will jump 100rpm up or down a few times within ten seconds. I have no idea what the hell is wrong, the card was fine when I first installed it. Now the fan is annoying as hell with any setting.

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So let's say I hypothetically bought an rx480 & had a freesync 1440p monitor; can it sustain a stable 60fps on high/ultra settings?

Let's take this even further; can it vì 144fps on medium/low settings? (all benchmarks I found where on ultra presets)

So if the price for the reference RX 480 và custom RX 470 is identical, which one would you go for and why?


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