Kingston hyperx fury 2400 mhz ddr 4 memory review


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from completed build Name "Well Played" | Eastern Europe Market, Mid khổng lồ High-Tier Budget & Hedonist Gamer

Let me start by saying, get the 32GB sticks or RAM. Yesterday, In "Battlefield 1", with Discord, Chrome, Steam và VLC in the background, I was actively using 12GB. That is for a 5 year old game và some light background programs! When I play "COD: Warzone" or "AC: Valhalla" it goes beyond 16GB. Not only that, but the benefits of more RAM are that you reduce workload or tearing of your NVMe or SSD (or HDD), because Windows can cache programs into RAM. Plus, RAM is much faster so that is a plus too. After being stubborn for quite some time, I decided lớn listen to this man - "32 GB of RAM in 20trăng tròn - Why You Need”.

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I had 16GB sticks, but after watching this video clip & this “RAM Prices Going Up — Upgrade your Ram NOW”, the one that suggests the prices will go up, you really have sầu nothing to lớn đại bại. You will even sell it for a higher price later on if you decided you don"t need it. With all the inflation khung US money printing coming in late 2021. - 2022. and DDR4 modules being left out of production in favor of new DDR5 modules - which are going lớn be so expensive as they are new technology, I would advise anyone to lớn buy more RAM now. You might not notice a BIG difference right now between 16GB và 32GB, but in a year or two you"re probably will và I am scared to think what will the prices of DDR4 be in that point of time.

The Clip explaining the price increase in January is spot on, which we can prove sầu when compared khổng lồ the đoạn Clip released in April “WTF is Happening to lớn RAM Prices?!”. Strange world we live sầu in.

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Can"t overcloông chồng without crashing past 3200 so I"ll probably nâng cấp soon. Otherwise, great for the price.

Don"t think the CPU will make full use of the 3200, but was good price, & the performance headroom won"t cause problems, may allow it khổng lồ run cooler?

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