Lỗi Prior Visual Studio 2010 Instances Requiring Update

I"m trying to lớn install SQL Server 2012 Developer Edition và I can get khổng lồ the point where it"s doing the Installation Rule Checks but one of the rules keep failing:

"Prior Visual Studio 2010 instances requiring update"

It basically indicates that I need to have sầu VS2010 SP1 installed. However, I DO have sầu VS2010 SP1 installed. I"ve tried reapplying the VS2010 SP1 & installing the VS2010 patches on the SQL Server 2012 media as well to lớn no avail.

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Is anyone else seeing this issue? Have any ideas that I could try?

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I had this issue too, after following this guide, it was simply 1 additional patch that was required to lớn get past the

Rule "Prior Visual Studio 2010 instances requiring update." failed.

Was lớn locate this tệp tin, and patch my machine


Simply bởi a tệp tin tìm kiếm on the installation truyền thông media for Squốc lộ Server 2012, in my case it was in edistVisualStudioShell (whereas in the guide it"s listed as being in a different location).

Then hit "re-run".


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answered Sep trăng tròn "12 at 2:19

Niông xã JosevskiNichồng Josevski
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there are two way:

First :

Inside your CD of SQL Server 2012

you can go lớn this path edistVisualStudioShell.

And you most install this file VS10sp1-KB983509.msp.

After several minutes your problem fix.

Restart your computer and then fire SetUp of SQL Server 2012.

See this picture.

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Secound :

But if you want download online Service Paông chồng 1 view This Link

And press download.

After download run this exe tệp tin và let it download và fix your VS2010 to VS2010 SP1.

And then restart your windows.

After this operation you can install SQL Server 2012


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Ardalan ShahgholiArdalan Shahgholi
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I wanted to lớn install SQL server 2014 & same story happened. I had installed both VS2010 and VSnăm ngoái before. I tried all solutions where provided nothing worked.At last If you have sầu new versions of VS like VS2015 or VS2017, uninstall VS2010 (if you really don"t need it ).

If you want lớn have sầu VS2010 on your system, install SQL hệ thống first and then install VS2010.When SQL hệ thống is installing it uses an instance of VS2010, if you have installed VS2010 before và that is an old version this error happens.

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answered Mar 2 "18 at 5:07

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I had this same problem installing SQL Server 2014. Turns out it was due lớn a Windows Phone toolkit that I had installed baông chồng in 2010. If you run into this, make sure you uninstall any Windows phone stuff that isn"t current.

I figured it out by looking at the log, which can be found by clicking "Detailed Report," which opens an HTML file. The tệp tin path is conveniently displayed within the HTML page. Open the directory that the tệp tin is in và look for "Detail.txt." Then search for the word "fail."

In my case there was a line showing WP_ as "Installed." I searched for the WP_ thành công and came across some blog posts about trouble uninstalling Windows Phone toolkits.

I ran the cleanup tool and finally Squốc lộ Server installer passed the check & allowed me khổng lồ install. Hope this helps someone.