Peace là gì

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peace /pi:s/ danh từ hoà bình, thanh bình, sự hoà thuậnat peace with: trong tình trạng hoà bình; hoà thuận vớipeace with honour: hoà bình vào danh dựto make peace: dàn hoàto lớn make one"s peace with somebody: làm lành cùng với aito make someone"s peace with another: giải hoà ai cùng với ai ((thường) Peace) hoà ước sự yên ổn, sự riêng biệt tự an ninhthe peace: sự im bình, sự định cư lạc nghiệpto lớn keep the peace: giữ bơ vơ trường đoản cú an ninhto break the peace: Việc phá rối biệt lập tự sự im thin thít, sự yên ổn tĩnh; sự an tâmpeace of mind: sự im tĩnh trong tâm địa hồnto hold one"s peace: lặng yên ko nói
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Từ điển Collocation

peace noun

1 not war

ADJ. lasting, permanent | fragile, uneasy | relative The country is in a state of relative peace after ten years of fighting. | world obstacles in the way of world peace

VERB + PEACE bring about, establish, make | keep UN troops are trying to keep the peace in the region.

PEACE + VERB come | prevail, reign An uneasy peace prevailed in the first days of the ceasefire.

PEACE + NOUN conference, congress, negotiations, process, talks This must not be allowed to lớn hold up the peace process. | efforts, initiative | formula, plan, proposal | accord, agreement, khuyến mãi, pact, settlement, treaty | broker, envoy | mission The president is visiting the country on a peace mission. | activist, campaigner, protester | group, movement | rally

PREPhường. at ~ (with) Although the two countries were officially at peace, fighting continued. | ~ between peace between the warring factions in the area | ~ with England finally made peace with France.

2 state of being calm

ADJ. inner | perfect

VERB + PEACE find, seek She finally found inner peace và happiness. | disturb, shatter The peace of the afternoon was suddenly shattered by a police siren. | leave sầu sb in Go away and leave sầu me in peace!

PEACE + VERB reign She stopped shouting, và peace reigned supreme once again. | desckết thúc on sth, settle over sth Peace descended once more on the little town.

PREP. at ~ Her father is at peace (= dead) now. | at ~ with For the first time in months, she felt calm and at peace with the world. | in ~ to live sầu in peace & harmony

PHRASES peace & quiet/tranquillity The island is a haven of peace & tranquillity. | peace of mind The computer comes with a three-year guarantee for peace of mind.

Từ điển WordNet


the state prevailing during the absence of warharmonious relations; freedom from disputes

the roommates lived in peace together

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English Slang Dictionary

1. that"s what rap is all about for all you mentally challenged2. (interj) farewell bidding

English Synonym & Antonym Dictionary

ant.: war

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