Patriot là gì

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The patterns of those acts (patriotic, ethical, altruistic), perhaps supported during their formation by a scaffold of extrinsic reinforcement, must be highly valuable in themselves.
Such hagiographies endeavoured lớn establish virtuous pedigrees for putatively nationadanh mục figures by linking them through blood or sentiment lớn various patriotic forbearers.
Emulation of foreign models was always tempered by patriotic priorities và the dictates of local circumstances, necessarily resulting in intellectual hybridity.
The available evidence suggests, however, that where performers tried overtly patriotic material there was little laughter in response.
It extended from social activism designed to lớn ensure survival lớn a personal engagement in the political or patriotic struggle.
A textual reading, however, will not sustain anything like a clear and satisfying allegory on either side, patriotic or subversive.
Both men and women not only commended her patriotic work but also offered sympathy in times of personal trouble.
Patriotic service demonstrated not only that women had civic duties & responsibilities but also that they would carry them out.
It is just an accepted premise that is part of political & fiscal reality, often classified and unknowable & funded with patriotic approbation.
The international press described the celebration in positive sầu terms, and the liberal press characterised the events as festive sầu, patriotic & popular.
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someone who is a good frikết thúc when it is easy to lớn be one & who stops being one when you are having problems

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