The new nokia 6300 4g and nokia 8000 4g


The new Notê 6300 4G & Nocơ 8000 4G combine modern connectivity & style with trusted heritage

Drawing inspiration from its heritage, the new Nokia 6300 4G offers WhatsApp at our lowest price point yet – bringing 4G connectivity và Google Assistant¹ khổng lồ value seekers. The elegantly crafted glass-lượt thích design on the Notê 8000 4G wraps all the essentials for feature phone lovers with a taste for the high-over look

ESPOO, FINLAND, 12 NOVEMBER 2020 – HMD Global, the trang chính of Notê phones, today announces the newest members joining its feature phone family – the Nocơ 6300 4G và the Notê 8000 4G, bringing essential features at even more affordable price points và more choice to lớn the segment with a premium design offering – all in the popular candy bar form factor.

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Drawing on the trusted heritage of its predecessor, Nocơ 6300 4G offers a modern twist with the addition of WhatsApp at our lowest price point yet. For those looking for something more premium, the Nokia 8000 4G comes in an elegantly crafted glass-like kiến thiết, wrapping all the fundamentals in a sophisticated package. Both phones offer streamlined 4G experiences for uninterrupted socialising và entertainment that goes everywhere you go – activate the pocket-size WiFi hotspot to giới thiệu the connectivity. The classic candy bar kiến thiết offers comfort with a battery life that can last for days.2 Plus, with KaiStore you have sầu access to hundreds of apps including favourites like Facebook, YouTube và Google Maps lớn enhance your everyday. And, with Google Assistant1 you can easily ask questions, get directions and Call your friends using just your voice.

Juho Sarvikas, Chief Product Officer and Vice President of North America HMD Global:

“As the world is still adapting lớn the new normal & working flexibly, we wanted khổng lồ provide an extra layer of reassurance and convenience for families to lớn remain connected both lớn their work và one another. The amazingly affordable Nokia 6300 4G và beautiful Nokia 8000 4G offer choice, connectivity and style, drawing on our trusted heritage, redesigned for the modern day. Plus, both phones can easily double up as pocket-form size WiFi hotspots, giving you an extra layer of confidence that you will remain connected on your other devices as well. As a company, we place a huge importance on the essential role feature phones play in the lives of so many. Our goal is to lớn both connect those who need it the most và give our fans the opportunity to choose what phone fits their lifestyle best.”

Nocơ 6300 4GInspired by the original Nocơ 6300 4G and packed with modern essentials in a classic candy bar design, the amazingly affordable new Notê 6300 4G brings WhatsApp khổng lồ our lowest price point yet. Offering streamlined connectivity thanks khổng lồ 4G, the Notê 6300 4G is perfect for those who seek access lớn all the essentials at a super affordable price point, giving you great experiences whether you’re on a Gọi, watching videos on YouTube or playing your top tunes on the go. Stay in touch with family, friends & colleagues through hundreds of apps available on the app store including WhatsApp và Facebook.

Use the WiFi hotspot on your Nokia 6300 4G khổng lồ mô tả your Internet connection with friends & family or khổng lồ ensure your máy tính xách tay or tablet remains connected wherever your office for the day is – at trang chủ, in a café or on a train. Now you can cốt truyện the fun and browse on a bigger screen when you need khổng lồ.

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Notê 8000 4GFashioned into a premium glass-lượt thích shell with a classy metalised chrome midframe finish that completes the look, the Notê 8000 4G comes in four gemstone-inspired colours bound to lớn st& out from the crowd – Onyx, a classy black, Opal, a sophisticated trắng, royally-golden Citrine và a bright xanh Topaz. Its generous 2.8” screen gives you more space và clarity for your chats and shows. The Notê 8000 4G is designed lớn both shine and last in more ways than one, thanks khổng lồ its durable polycarbonate finish and long-lasting battery life. This is combined with a hardwearing 3D-curved key mat that is comfortable khổng lồ use và wraps at the edges for a confident grip.

Daily socialising và entertainment via popular apps lượt thích WhatsApp, Facebook and YouTube is even smoother thanks to lớn 4G – discover hundreds of other apps on KaiStore. Plus, with Google Assistant on điện thoại, you can get more done using just your voice, whether it’s finding new recipes, dictating messages or making phone calls, it’s all so much simpler hands-free.

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Raun Forsyth, Head of Design, HMD Global: “The whole Nokia phone portfolio is connected through design. It’s something that our fans know & recognise so we pay extra attention to lớn make sure that our heritage transpires throughout everything we vì, và this has been no exception. With the Nocơ 6300 4G và Nocơ 8000 4G, we wanted to offer the same choice that you’d have with our smartphone range to our feature phone customers, so they too can express their own personal style through technology.”

Pricing và availability  - The Notê 6300 4G comes in Cyan Green, Light Charcoal and Powder White, & is available in select markets for a global average retail price of 49 EUR. Cheông xã local availability.- The Notê 8000 4G comes in Onyx, Opal, Citrine and Topaz, and is available in select markets for a global average retail price of 79 EUR. Cheông chồng local availability.

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