How do i fix no battery detected problem in hp laptop?

While my system is old, its battery worked well. However, after letting it work on battery mode till it dried off, upon restarting the system, it showed the error:

No battery is detected


The second I pulled out the power cord, the system shut down. This was indicative of the fact that the system was actually not detecting the battery, something which is of concern.

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I would not agree that the battery went bad because this problem occurred immediately after the system was put on battery mode và working on the same till the battery exhausted. However, this could be verified.

Do a Full Power Cycle 

Take out all external devices from the máy tính xách tay lượt thích USB, memory card, etc.Take out the battery.Force shutdown the máy tính xách tay by pressing the power button for 10 seconds.Now, Insert the battery again and start the máy tính xách tay by the power button.Now, Connect the charging cable and kiểm tra if your computer detects the battery again.

Cheông xã is the battery is bad before proceeding lớn the troubleshooting

1> Press Win + R to open the Run window. Type the comm& devmgmt.msc và press Enter lớn open the Device Manager.

2> Expand the các mục of batteries and check for your battery’s driver. The interesting fact is that the system would count the power adapter as a battery and would be shown as an AC power adapter. So, in short, your battery would be the other driver.

3> Right-cliông chồng on your batter’s driver và select Properties.

4> If the Device status reads “This device is working properly,” we are good to lớn go.


We could try the following troubleshooting steps one by one khổng lồ resolve sầu the issue:

Solution 1> Uninstall battery from your computer-

Uninstalling the battery from your laptop will fix the issue on your computer.

1. Press Windows key+R to launch Run, & then type “devmgmt.msc” & hit Enter.


2. In the Device Manager window, expand the term “Batteries“.

3. Now, right-click on “Microsoft AC Adapter” and then cliông chồng on “Uninstall device“.


4. Now, again cliông chồng on “Uninstall” to lớn uninstall the battery device from your computer.


Once the uninstallation process is complete, restart your computer.

Upon rebooting, Windows will reinstall the uninstalled battery driver on your computer.

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If you see the battery driver is not installed on your computer, follow these steps khổng lồ install it manually-

a. Press Windows key+X và then cliông xã on “Device Manager” khổng lồ open the Device Manager window on your computer.

b. In Device Manager window, click on “Action” in the thực đơn bar, and then cliông chồng on “Scan for hardware changes“.


Windows will scan for any missing driver & will install the default battery driver on your computer.

Solution 2> Discharge the capacitors

Even if we pull out the power cable và connect the system khổng lồ the battery, the residual charge in the laptop’s capacitor wouldn’t let the system piông xã up the charge from the battery directly. Thus, before anything else, we need khổng lồ discharge the capacitors.

1> Shut down the system và remove sầu the power cord và the battery.

2> Press the power button for 5 to 10 seconds making sure no power source is connected lớn the system.

3> Reconnect the battery & try to boot the system.

If it works fine, well và good, or else proceed to the next solution:

Solution 3> Use the Power nguồn troubleshooter

1> Cliông chồng on the Start button and then the gear-like symbol to open the Settings page.

2> Go to Updates and security and then the Troubleshoot tab.

3> Select the Power nguồn troubleshooter and run it.


4> Once done, restart the system.

The power troubleshooter checks underlying issues that strain the battery.

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Solution 4> Uninstall and reinstall the battery drivers

The issue could be with the battery drivers as well. In such a case, the drivers could be reinstalled.

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