Plot: Hong Ra-On disguises herself as a man & counsels men on dating. Due lớn a love letter she wrote for a client, she meets Crown Prince Hyomyeong. Hong Ra-On is unaware that he is the Crown Prince & Hyomyeong is unaware that Hong Ra-On is a woman. The Crown Prince becomes interested in Hong Ra-On. His eunuchs become aware of this và attempt to lớn get Hong Ra-On lớn become one of them.

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Park Bogum as Crown Prince Hyomyeong

Kyên Yoojung as Hong Ra-On

Jinyoung as Klặng Yoon-Sung

Chae Soo-Bin as Jo Ha-Yeon

Kwak Dong-yeon as Kim Byung-Yeon

Network: KBS2

Airing: Monday và Tuesday
22:00 KST

Episodes: 18

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EpisodeTNmS (nationwide)Nielsen Korea (nationwide)
0718.5%trăng tròn.4%

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Daw, what a xinh tươi ending. I love sầu Kyên ổn Yoo Jung but I really wish she was older just because I don't figure the kisses are ever going to lớn move out of "rigid và off khổng lồ one side of the mouth" territory. :(((

actually it kindomain authority hard to lớn not fall for Lee Young, the progression for her crush is start on the lantern festival when he saw a guy who doesn't interested on her, then he knew he is a crown prince, she tried to meet hyên personally & they talk,

a nice guy that doesn't attracted lớn you while being princely handsome is swoon worthy, I understand how she fall in love sầu even if she'll make the problem between the OTPhường,

I don't know if this a love triangle but the 2nd lead lượt thích yoon sung x ra-on, ha yeon- lee young have sầu their own meeting journey so the progression is smooth that I can't fault it, they just met & met again and lượt thích the other,

I am just glad that lee young & ra on is clearly showed their rejection to lớn the imagination relationship the 2nd lead purpose,

I understand being annoyed with love sầu polygons in general because they are overused, but Crown Prince Hyomyeong is a real historical figure who had a wife & son at a young (khổng lồ us) age. :/ It would be weird lớn just ignore that she existed.

I'm really glad too- that the Prince was in love sầu with Ra On, và it was a happy (for him) coincidence that she was a woman. Kind of Sungkyungwan Scandal again, but thank goodness they didn't vì too much angst as in that series.

I don't know if it's because PBG is just really handsome but wow he's a really good actor! All those subtle facial expressions!

I watched that last scene and thought he could rival Im Siwan's Misaeng performance with his subtle facial expressions. His convo with the queen was amaaaazing.

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Given how astute he is at dealing with his father, the queen, và the snarky red guy (king's father in law?), he has lớn know she's female.

I'd really lượt thích lớn know if this drama is going khổng lồ be historically accurate (/s "The prince died when he was 20. I'd like to see in this show that they nhái his death & he & Ra On start a new life together.")

so here's pReviews for EPhường 8

& BEN OST already released

The humming tuy vậy is probably OST Part 6 by Beige

also here's the highlight of this ep, you know the scene I am talking about

and he knew, I really believe he knew when I saw the pđánh giá & at the over of this episode, I applause hyên lớn acknowledge his own feeling

edit : the rating is trăng tròn,4 %.... so hello fansign.. Eunuch Jjang seems khổng lồ really want it to happen

I may have sầu watched và re-watched the scene about 10 times. :P

When Ra On closes her eyes, she's just so đáng yêu. They couldn't have got a cuter pairing. (although I admit Wook/Su from Moon Lovers and Bong-Pal/Hyun Ji from Let's fight ghost are cthua kém.)

Haha he totally knows! Every time I watch & he says "I have . A really pretty one." I want to shout, "He's talking about you, dummy!" xD (I mean dummy in the most affectionate way of course)

Ok got khổng lồ swoop in & confess that I ship the shit out of the prince & the bodyguard AND Park Bo Gum and Kwak Dong Yeon. They have so much chemistry!!

I'm convinced with this episode he has khổng lồ know. Mainly because it's a kdrama & kdrama gender bender rules stipulate that if the guy doesn't know he needs khổng lồ have sầu some sort of crisis and CP.. didn't. Not only that but that envoy from before tried lớn jump her bones AND CP. is pretty aware of everything going on.

It's Coffee Prince all over again!

Honestly, I feel lượt thích Yeong knows or at least suspects that Ra On is a woman. I mean physically she isn't very convincing và this along with Yeong's perceptiveness leads me to believe sầu he at least suspects. He seemed lớn blasé about brushing off the rumors of hyên liking men that it makes me wonder if he's referring to the love sầu between royalty and someone of lower class (in this case an eunuch) and not so much love between men when he says he wants khổng lồ have sầu a "bad love"? Idk. I'm reaching at this point. If he doesn't know or suspect a thing, then its a disservice khổng lồ his character because up until now he's been quite clever and ađáng yêu, especially when it comes to knowing how khổng lồ maneuver his way around snakes lượt thích the queen and the scholars.

Either way, I'm digging this development. That smile he gives right before he goes in for the gold gets me every time. It's a shame that KYJ is so young because their kisses are never going lớn get lớn Reply 1988 cấp độ of "omona". :/