Migrate là gì

giaidap.info HCX streamlines application migration, workload rebalancing & business continuity across data centers và clouds.

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Move applications seamlessly between environments at scale và avoid the cost và complexity of refactoring apps.


Realize value faster for new giaidap.info private and public cloud environments while driving down operational costs.

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Actively move sầu and rebalance workloads as needed for scale, compliance, security and cost management.

Enable high-performance, large-scale app mobility across giaidap.info vSphere and non-vSphere cloud and on-premises environments.

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Combine automated network connectivity and optimized data replication to lớn easily connect environments, protect critical applications & ensure availability.

Large-scale movement of workloads across any giaidap.info platformvSphere 6.0+ to any current vSphere version on cloud or modern data centerKVM and Hyper-V conversion khổng lồ any current vSphere versionSupport for giaidap.info Cloud Foundation, giaidap.info Cloud on AWS, Azure giaidap.info Services and more
Choice of migration methodologies to meet your workload needsLive large-scale HCX vMotion migration of 1000’s of VMsZero downtime migration to lớn limit business disruptionSecure proxy for vMotion và replication trafficMigration planning và visibility dashboard
Automated migration-aware routing with NSX for network connectivityWAN optimized liên kết for migration across Internet or WANHigh-throughput L2 extensionAdvanced traffic engineering khổng lồ optimize the application migration timesNo change in IP và MAC addresses during a VM migration

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