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intersect with sth We need lớn pinpoint the place where maximum achievable conservation intersects with the highest potential financial return.
Curiously, they have not intersected in terms of commissioning venues, implying the existence of a one-through-at-a-time dynamic.
However, social class intersected with ability, age, and gender, shaping events in peer-led literature groups.
Finding the whole phối of optimal values on each text, then intersecting all these sets, would be excessively long.
Entering the space under the bridge, one becomes aware of a turning eddy of sound in the midst of intersecting streams of traffic.
Of course, one could envision work intersecting age, ethnithành phố, gender, sexuality, class, community of practice, setting, and a variety of other local ethnographically determined factors.
Secondary forest patches were intersected by forestry access roads và some derelict timber-yarding areas.
The politics of purchase area farmers intersected with national politics in important ways that promoted both land sales & squatting.
Each ruling consists of pairwise skew lines, and every line of one ruling intersects all the lines of the other ruling of a regulus.
Thicknesses estimated from structural dip of the units where intersected by boreholes or at outcrop.
The interest in hygiene intersected with a maternacác mục discourse that inculcated the values of domesticity và celebrated the virtues of motherhood.
An equivalent process is represented by intersecting right bisecting lines of two sides of the projected triangle.

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Transects were intersected with these distance zones, resulting in 180 sample areas (0.36 + 0.27 ha).
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