Impulsive là gì

showing behaviour in which you vày things suddenly without any planning và without considering the effects they may have:

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For convenience, in this paper we shall call the impulsive penetration of a solarwind filament in this situation oblique penetration.
The oscillations in this case are presumably partly due to transients mix up by the impulsive generation of the rather shallow point vortices.
Impulsive behavior in defeat of the longrange goal results, as he leaves his seat & ultimately loses his weekover privilege.
This pattern may represent a developmental precursor khổng lồ the impulsive characteristics associated with borderline pathology.
For example, high levels of anger were associated with delinquency for impulsive, but not for nonimpulsive sầu, adolescents.
On the eating concerns và restraint scales, cluster 2 (affective-perfectionistic) scored higher than cluster 1 (low co-morbidity), but was not differentiated from cluster 3 (impulsive).
Three clusters of bulimic women were identified : an affective-perfectionistic cluster, an impulsive cluster, & a low co-morbid psychopathology cluster.
In contrast, the children with strong approach who are also fearful should be better able to lớn inhibit impulsive approach tendencies.
Laser-driven impulsive fields at the surface of solid targets can be applied for energy-selective ion beam focusing.
The substance-dependent and childhood-onmix groups contain the majority of subjects who have sầu conditions characterized by traits related lớn impulsive or impulsive- aggressive behaviours.
It is also the increase of the machine"s stability cấp độ when the machine is rotating around that axis due to lớn an impulsive perturbation.

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The schizotypy scale that correlated most highly with logical performance was the impulsive-nonconformist dimension.
Secondly, whether an act is self-controlled or impulsive is no less contextually dependent than whether it is altruistic or selfish.
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