Stickman revenge 3

Referring lớn the stickman game titles that give sầu you a lot of dramatic feelings, you can’t miss Stickman Revenge 3 (MOD Free Shopping). This is the next version of Stickman Revenge series by Zongian lận trò chơi Studio, a developer based in Vietphái mạnh. This series has achieved a lot of success with millions of downloads on Google Play and received positive feedbachồng from players. This is good news for the followers of stichồng man when Stickman Revenge 3 comes bachồng with a new look, new skills, và an unprecedented feature – the pet system.

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Stickman Revenge 3 game really doesn’t have sầu many new things. It is a combination of several elements such as endless run, adventure, action, và role-playing. Here, you will control your character to lớn cut, wipe out enemies và avoid obstacles to lớn earn bonus points. Don’t forget to lớn pichồng up the gold!

Unlike Stickman Legends, your character automatically moves forward instead of moving freely. Your task is lớn swipe up khổng lồ avoid obstacles or jump on higher positions (double swipe to double jump). At the same time, use skill keys and attachồng keys lớn destroy the enemies that are waiting for you along the way.

Your enemies are not just sword-wielding enemies. They can hide và appear unexpectedly. Some carnivorous plants that can shoot out sparks are also a danger that you need khổng lồ pay attention khổng lồ.

Moreover, the Monter boss khủng is constantly updated with numbers & power, you must use flexible skills and strong fighting power khổng lồ become the strongest Stickman Gangster.

Characters & skills


Stickman Revenge 3 has 6 characters khổng lồ choose from, each character has 6 different styles. Including:

Leo: Stickman in red with a long swordKira: Stickman in green with two swords.Jetsu: Stickman blue with a big sword.Reaper: Stickman in pink with a sickle.Rocker: Sickman is blue và his weapon is a guitar.Mager: Yellow stickman with angel wings, capable of using magic.

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The number of skills is relatively diverse. For example, Leo has the ability to lớn create a shield or turn into a huge wild boar. Because the cooldown is quite long, you need to use the skill appropriately.

What’s more in Stickman Revenge 3 MOD APK?

Besides the original character that the game offers you, you can unlochồng other characters in cash. The characters have different skills and powers, usually stronger than your character. Besides, the gold you collect is used to upgrade your skills. Upgrading makes you stronger, but it costs a lot of gold. The problem is, it is very difficult for you khổng lồ have sầu a large amount of gold because when you play you have lớn focus on fighting & avoiding obstacles instead of collecting gold.

Don’t worry, we already have Stickman Revenge 3 MOD APK below, with mod features: unlimited gold, gems, & energy. Before installing the hack, you must remove the other version if previously installed from Google Play. With just a few basic steps, you can install & enjoy the game at any time.

Pet system


You are not alone in this war. With Stickman Revenge 3, the stiông xã man will be equipped with a pet system – an unprecedented feature in Stickman Revenge 2. Pets that tư vấn Stickman include Angels, Ghosts, Dragons, etc. They can increase gold bonuses, increase points và support collecting gold coins along the way. Some pets also have sầu the ability to attaông chồng enemies from afar or protect you. They are your true friends, your “right-hand” in this game.

Graphics have sầu improved


Speaking about of graphics, Stickman Revenge 3 has 2D graphics with sharp images. There have been many improvements compared lớn the two previous versions. The effect part of the skill also impressed me. The game has many different maps, updated continuously. With each cấp độ, you will experience an adventure through many different locations such as forests, snow mountains, craters,…

In addition, Stickman Revenge 3 also owns the leaderboard system between friends & leaderboard worldwide, allowing you to compete & try to become the strongest Stickman warrior.


Overall, Stickman Revenge 3 is one of the remarkable mobile games on the stickman theme. The game has a fascinating storyline, creative sầu gameplay, and impressive graphics. If you have sầu any questions, please leave a bình luận below the article!