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This part of the walkthrough will merely focus on the single player modes that have been included ever since I can remember. First, let"s do some preparations. From the main menu, go to lớn "Customize" and select "Create Player". On this screen, start creating a player (it"s recommended that it is a striker or midfielder) & make sure all of his stats are phối to lớn 99. Assign hlặng khổng lồ a club in either FL Championship, Football League 1, Football League 2 (all English), Bundesliga 2 (Germany), Ligue 2 (French), Liga Adelante (Spain) or Serie B (Italy). Remember the name of the club, you"ll need it. Once you"ve created and saved your player, go khổng lồ the "Play" section of the main menu and select "New Career". Piông chồng "Player Career" & piông xã the team you put the custom player in. Right now, you have khổng lồ be very careful và phối the settings as following (this will apply for all the trophies on this page):- Match Difficulty: Can be anything, Amateur is recommended trophy-wise- Half Length: 4 minutes- Financial Strictness: Lenient (85%)- Currency: Anything you prefer- Squads Used: Current Customised- Europen Competition in 1st Season: Doesn"t matter- Disable First Summer Transfer Window: Off

Hit "Advance" once the settings are good khổng lồ go and you"ll over up in another window. On that window, piông chồng "Use Real Player" & pick the one you"ve sầu created. Start the Career và we are ready to lớn gain some trophies.

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Seeing as your player should have sầu a 99 rating overall, he should be the best in the League. Play or Simulate all the friendly games. Once the first game of the competition starts, it depends on your position what you will want lớn vày khổng lồ get a higher in-game rating:- Goalkeeper: Don"t concede- Defender: Don"t concede, don"t get booked & have a good tackle accuracy- Midfielder: Don"t get booked, have great passing accuracy & score a few goals- Attacker: Don"t get booked and score goals

Once your player has a 9.5 rating (or something along those lines), Điện thoại tư vấn in for a substitute và let the rest of the game simulate. Seeing as all other players shouldn"t have sầu performed as you have, you should automatically get picked as player of the week & this unlocking the "Rising Star"-trophy. If you didn"t unloông chồng it, play another game; it really shouldn"t take that long.

Rising StarHave sầu your Pro featured in the team of the week in Player Career



Once you"ve unlocked the previous listed trophy, it"s time to lớn go for another one. Exit your career, & start a new one. Follow all the screens again, but instead of using a real player, create one. Once you are done, và the league has fully loaded; go to "My Pro" và go to lớn the bottom right. On the "Central" tab, move sầu lớn the big box on the right h& side of your screen. Press

và use
to move sầu to the "Personality"-tab. Select either "Free Kiông chồng Style" or "Penalty Kick Style" và piông xã anything else but the mặc định và your next trophy will pop up.

Stylin"Enable a custom Free Kick or Penalty style for your Pro



That"s the last trophy in this section, baông chồng out again lớn the main menu & now start a "Manager Career".


Rethành viên where you"ve sầu put your created player from the very first paragraph? Good, pichồng that team. On the "Manager Preferences" screen you can do whatever you want, just hit "Advance" whenever you are done và let the game load your season. Make sure the transfer window setting isn"t changed though. We"ll first go for 2 miscellaneous trophies that could be unlocked in a different way, but why not vày it here, right


Go to lớn the "Squad" tab & và use khổng lồ get the "Create New Team Sheet" message on your screen. Name it however you like, select a formation & press

lớn advance. Continue to lớn use this process 3 more times & you should have sầu unlocked 2 brvà new trophies by now.

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A Tool for Every OccasionCreate a New Team Sheet


Alright, let"s actually do something now

. Although it isn"t immediately necessary to follow this guide, it does give you some additional funds. First, you might need to lớn simulate your season until the second transfer window which starts on January 1st. Go to the "Transfers"-hub and select "Sell Players". On that screen, select your created 99 overall player & select "Add lớn Transfer List". Simulate the game và hopefully a club would have moved in to lớn buy your player. I was playing with 1. FC K"lautern (Bundesliga 2) và I was able to lớn sell hlặng for €100.000.000, which allowed me khổng lồ spend some more money a player from Bundesliga 1.

Once you feel you have sầu enough funds, it"s time to lớn buy a player on sale. Go lớn the "Transfers" hub again, và select "Search Player". There"s two things you need lớn change here:- Transfer Status should be "Transfer Listed"- League needs khổng lồ be a league above yours. If you picked Bundesliga 2 like me, select Bundesliga

Once these two are phối, press to lớn search and select any player. Go down to lớn "Approach to lớn Buy" & offer the transfer sum that is equal lớn the player"s value. Simulate some more, và hopefully the opposing club will agree. Once they vày, fulfill the player requirements in terms of wages & the amount of years on his contract. Make the Squad Role either "Crucial 1st Team Player" or "Important 1st Team Player". Simulate once more & hope he agrees. This will unlock another trophy.

Now that we are done here, I advise you khổng lồ leave this season và start a new one with Manchester City or Arsenal (Barclays PL) with the thought in mind that the earliest cup can be won at the end of August, before the season actually starts. Before we start simming games, we will start going over the transfer market with a specific tìm kiếm. Go lớn the "Transfers" hub, hover over "Search Players" và use to lớn find the "Scout Instructions" tab. Cliông chồng on the field that doesn"t have sầu any instructions và use the following:- Position: Any- Age: 16-24- Contract: 0-5- Attributes: Strong, First Team Quality & Defence Minded

Apply these settings for all scouts that don"t have sầu any & return to the "Transfers" hub. Now go khổng lồ "Global Transfer Network" There should be 2 scouts available for you, select either one and select the region. I recommkết thúc using Germany. If there"s a scout in that area already, tìm kiếm which one is in there and reĐiện thoại tư vấn him by using . Skết thúc your scout to lớn Germany, và start simming. Soon, you will receive a mail with a few players. Piông xã any of them và select "Enquire about ..." (I got Mats Hummels). Simulate some more, và you"ll receive a mail baông xã from the opposing club (in this case, Bor. Dortmund). Make a transfer offer around the price they mentioned & simulate again and after a while you"ll get another e-mail saying your transfer offer was accepted or refused. All that"s left is matching the player demands và simming again, but don"t forget his squad role ("Crucial -" or "Important 1st Team Player"). After the player accepts, all you need to vì chưng is accept the offer again & the trophy will unlochồng.

You Struchồng Gold!Scout & find a player with any combination of 3 Global Transfer Network attributes in Career


All that remains for your single player trophies, is winning a trophy in Manager Mode. Simulate until the "Community Shield" event comes up, win the game và that should be your last one on this page.

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We"ll move inlớn the more interesting sections of this walkthrough now, being the Multiplayer and Ultimate Team. Let"s go!

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