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At which time you will be billed for all costs incurred lớn the fortress during your stay in the cage.
It is, therefore, an implicit fortress, & gives no hint whatsoever of the generous gardens within.
This suggests that women within this fortress are most probably officers" families & tradespersons, although the ordinary soldiers" barracks have not been extensively excavated.
This was passed with some enthusiasm after a conference discussion which at times seemed to be likening the new estates to lớn sociamenu fortresses.
I doubt whether " fortress conservationists " will be convinced by this volume, since narratives generally are not judged by their actual achievements.
From the very beginning the body toàn thân was considered a "fortress" constantly under attachồng by "the evil," by "bugs," và - inherited from premedical ages - by demons.
The assumption was that the guerrillas would be trapped in their main fortress as the strike forces converged inward.
At the far end, where the windows must have been, there were bass enclosures lượt thích fortresses on which midranges, trebles and supertrebles perched like turrets.
To this kết thúc, we are directed khổng lồ the economic, administrative, & symbolic roles of the fortress within the rural context.
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