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the business that involves producing and selling new styles, especially of clothes, shoes, hair, etc.:
Supporters of the busses, meanwhile, fashioned a response to lớn the merchant companies and changed venues for their advocacy.
Other evils, especially those fashioned by human hands, dem& our condemnation, unyielding opposition, & vigorous efforts at prevention and reparation.
Disciplined, resilient, intellectual, proud, contemptuous of others, immune lớn criticism from the outside, they are literally fashioned for survival.
His evidence is provided by changing fashions in the shape, furnishing and decoration of the council chamber - an interieure parlante, as it were.
In what are people to participate in fashioning their own immediate surroundings within a conceived overall framework?
The real challenge for political responsibility lies here, in fashioning a domestic climate where legislators promote resize rather than feeling driven to questionable regulation.
Deposits were placed into the earth, flint was taken out of the earth, monuments are fashioned out of the earth, and make it visible.
Over the years, in a series of exhibitions và publications on the subject, it had fashioned itself into lớn the ideological centre of modernism in architecture.
In some locations they were represented by a pair of anthropomorphic figures fashioned from wood or clay.
Most of the hotels are long gone, having fallen victlặng lớn fire or abandonment caused by changes in vacation fashions.
The fashions of veiling popular in the isles changed significantly over time, although they continued khổng lồ vary depending on wealth và residence.
Such a law would give more leverage to the craftsmen who constructed federal buildings, built ships, & fashioned armor plate.
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Các từ hay được thực hiện cùng với fashion.

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In the nineteenth century this triangular section was generally adopted, possibly because of changing fashion but also, perhaps, because it is lighter.
This is helpful because it allows us to locate & plan strategies for alternative sầu practices in a coordinated và coherent fashion.

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These two events proceed in a coordinated fashion during development và seem to occur without the need of gonadotrophin hormones.
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