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The festival is lớn encompass everything from music, theatre, & ballet to lớn literature, cinema, và the visual arts.

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During the antebellum decades, just what sphere of activity the national government encompassed was debated amidst growing conflict-class, ethnic, partisan, & sectional.
Whether this calls for a new & "universally acceptable definition" of revolution that encompasses all that the author suggests is neither obvious nor realistic.
The related concept of inclusivity here refers to lớn the chất lượng ability of the arts to validate & encompass the individual"s personal response or experience.
One paradigm involves motor tasks that encompass both planning và control, and thus reveals structures active sầu during one or the other, or both stages.
Therefore, articles on risk reduction programs, screening programs, và rehabilitation programs were excluded, because these reports bởi not encompass the whole continuum of care.
We have sầu suggested that, for our eighteenth-century writers, the concept of rationality was less narrowly defined, and could encompass dispositions as well as actions.
Moral philosophy as understood in the eighteenth và nineteenth centuries encompassed much more than ethical theory.

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Soon the system of state control and the evaluation of biologicals was again enlarged to lớn encompass organic diagnostics.
However, the short peptides did not encompass any sequence characteristic for functional domains of cysteine proteases.
The descriptor " hermit " here encompasses wandering solitaries, enclosed anchorites, hermit-monks and monk-hermits.
In so acting as norm entrepreneurs in international arenas, indigenous organisations are changing traditional statecentric international politics & its basic institutions lớn encompass different actors.




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