Disable Youtube™ HTML5 Player is an extension/add-on for Google Chrome which turns off the HTML5 video clip player in Google Chrome.

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The Adobe Flash video player for YouTube would replace the HTML5 video player once you install Disable Youtube™ HTML5 Player extension in Google Chrome. This extension also works for Google Chromebooks which uses the Chrome browser as its operating system.

This add-on just runs in the background, và does not slow down Chrome when I use it with this add-on installed.

Using this add-on khổng lồ request the YouTube flash Clip player stops stuttering đoạn phim, và lag problems when I watch some newer HD 1080P 60 frames per second videos on YouTube in Google Chrome because the Adobe Flash đoạn phim Player for Chrome does not cause video lớn stutter, or slow down when I use it to lớn watch đoạn phim on a Chromebook with an Hãng sản xuất Intel Celeron CPU, or an older PC with an older single to dual core CPU with onboard video clip, or an older video clip card. The Clip frame rate seems more stable where it is above sầu 30-35 frames per seconds, và it loads quickly, so is not any slowdown, or buffering problems.

The Adobe Flash Player plug-in also seems to lớn use less CPU resources than the HTML5 player on my Chromebook & Chromebox when I check the CPU and RAM usage in the Task Manager which is built-inkhổng lồ Chrome’s browser.

The Adobe Flash Player also lets you play videos at 144P.. resolution, so if you are using an older or slower computer, you can mix videos to lớn 144P. in YouTube to lớn let them play faster. Playing videos at 144P is also good if your mạng internet connection is very slow like dial-up internet, or cheaper DSL and cable connections which sometimes are under 1 Mbps. Playing videos at lower settings will let you save data if you connect to lớn the internet on a limited mạng internet connection lượt thích those USB modems where you connect khổng lồ the mạng internet with a Cell phone data connection with a limit of 5GB of bandwidth before you have sầu lớn pay overage fees.

Disable Youtube™ HTML5 Player is discontinued, so it is no longer available for tải về.

It is also only 40.39KB in kích thước, so it uses very little storage space on your computer.

After you install this add-on, I recommover refreshing YouTube’s đoạn Clip pages in Chrome browser, so YouTube is using Adobe Flash Clip player instead of HTML5 Clip player before you installed this add-on.

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I notice lower chất lượng đoạn Clip lượt thích 360-720Phường & most 1080Phường. 30 frames per second và below videos & below run pretty well on the HTML5 YouTube player on my Chromebook, so you can turn off Disable YouTube HTML5 Player extension by going lớn the thực đơn buttons, clicking on More Tools, and lastly, Extensions, and unchecking the enable check box next to lớn Disable YouTube HTML5 Player. Lastly, refresh YouTube’s trang web to get baông chồng the HTML5 player.

If you still experience slow down problems, you can try emptying your browsing data by clicking on the thực đơn button with your mouse, and go lớn More Settings where you will find Clear Browsing Data which will let you clear all your browsing history and data at once.

Also, don’t move sầu your mouse cursor over the YouTube đoạn phim player when a đoạn phim is playing. I notice sometimes when I move the cursor over the Window, I notice the player slows down a little.

You can also see if disabling Hardware Acceleration in Adobe Flash player will make videos faster. To disable hardware acceleration, you need lớn right clichồng on a YouTube đoạn phim, & cliông chồng on Settings on the right cliông chồng thực đơn. Lastly, uncheck Enable Hardware Acceleration, and clichồng cđại bại on the Settings Window. If video, or flash games performance is worse after disabling Hardware Acceleration, you should turn it baông xã on by re-checking it in Adobe Flash settings.

The Flash version of the YouTube video clip player may have better audio quality than the newer HTML5 version since I read online that Flash video clip player sometimes sound better than the HTML5 version.

Closing tabs you are not using, uninstalling extensions, apps, và plug-ins which you vị not need could make Chrome faster at playing Clip as well.

Using a wired broadband internet connection, or a faster Wi-Fi connection will make videos buffer less, and shorten slow down times.

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Read my guide on making YouTube videos on Google Android run smoother, and faster which has a lot of tips which work for other operating systems, browsers, và devices which support YouTube.

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