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1st time having this much power. Plays games effortlessly. Stoông xã cooler is really nice I it performs very well. Had lớn move sầu my top exhaust fan to lớn the rear top so it exhausts more hot air from cpu and temps under load dropped by almost 10°c.

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It works fine for gaming, however I would go with a newer alternative sầu like an R5 3600/5600x, or an I5 10400/11400/10600K/11600K.


Cant go wrong with a 2700x. Sure, its a bit on the toasty side, but who doesnt love sầu a good toasty system on a cold Canadian winter day?

I got this CPU for $160 in late 2019 & that might"ve been one of the best đơn hàng I"ve sầu ever gotten on anything. It performs great to this day, although I may tăng cấp in a year or 2


Good chip, though starting lớn show its age on the single-threaded front. The 4.25GHz all-core OC helps to lớn mitigate that somewhat, however.

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Got this baông chồng in 2018, has been an absolute beast since. At the time it was an extremely good bang for the buông chồng CPU, & it has held up since. Currently still using it in my PC while I wait for newer CPU"s to come in stock

So far, so good. Haven"t pushed this thing to lớn it"s limit yet...but for right now I don"t really need khổng lồ. Included Wraith Prism is an absolute nightmare to lớn install.


--- The shockproof travel PC in a pelican caseAMD Ryzen 7 2700XGeForce GTX 1070 Ti

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