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Cooler Master is a reputed name in power supplies, PC cabinets, PC fans, PC thermal products và heatsinks. Cooler Master has wide range of PSUs starting from budget range lớn high-kết thúc power supplies. But here in this post I am going lớn Review Cooler Master Thunder 500W which is a good budget range 500W SMPS for PCs with decent configuration with mid-range graphics thẻ.

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SMPS or Power supply is one of the most important components of your PC. It is also the most ignored component as most of the people do not care to lớn invest in a good branded SMPS. But if you want your PC khổng lồ work well and to get maximum performance from your component you should always buy a good branded SMPS. This blog contains many important articles on SMPS which you can find below.

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Cooler Master Thunder 500W PSU Review

Here is a complete Reviews of Cooler Master Thunder 500W SMPS.

Build Quality và Size

The SMPS comes in màu đen và it is solidly built. It feels heavy which signifies the high unique materials used in its construction. There is 120milimet Fan và a ON/OFF switch located at the baông xã which comes very handy & provides an extra layer of protection. The kích cỡ of the SMPS is standard và it can fit in any regular ATX cabinet (not the slyên ổn ones). The Model number of the SMPS is RS-500-ACAB-M3.



Cooler Master Thunder 500W has got all the connectors in sufficient number for your needs. The various connectors and their numbers are shown below in the table.


Connector Name or TypeQuantity or Number
24 Pin Sạc ATX Power nguồn Connector (trăng tròn + 4 pin)1
CPU 12 Volt Connector (4 + 4 Pin)1
PCI Express (6 + 2 Pin)1
SATA Power nguồn Connector6
Molex nguồn Connector (4 Pin)3
Floppy connector (4 Pin)1

12V Rail Current Rating

As I have explained so many times before also in various posts in this blog that the current on 12Volt Rail matters the most in a SMPS, & it should be at least 30A for a modern day PC. Cooler Master Thunder 500W has got dual 12 Rails & the combined current on 12V Rail is 45A (24A + 21A) which is sufficient enough for a modern day PC having lathử nghiệm specifications with a mid-range graphics thẻ installed in it. Below is the voltage & current table for this SMPS.



Cooler Master Thunder 500W PSU is compatible will all modern day and previous generation ATX complaint motherboards. You can buy this SMPS without any hitch as it has no issues on running on any motherboard.

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Protection Features

Cooler Master Thunder 500W power supply comes with all the safety và protection features to lớn protect your motherboard và computer components from any hazard. The various protection features include Over Voltage Protection (OVP), Over Power nguồn Protection (OPP), Over Current Protection (OCP), Short Circuit Protection (SCP). Other protection features include Double-Layer EXiaoMI Filter which gives the SMPS dual protection from electromagnetic interference and gives it additional protection from noise và interference.

Performance và Efficiency

The SMPS performs really well without consuming too much power. It can handle the maximum rated load without failing. The efficiency of Cooler Master Thunder 500W is more than 85% at typical load. There are high quality capacitors present that produces hold time greater than 14ms on full loading.The SMPS comes with Active sầu PFC (Power Factor Correction) which further increases the efficiency of the power supply. Also it has the Green power kiến thiết to lớn meet Energy Star & Blue Angel Requirements.

Fan Noise

The SMPS comes with a big 120milimet fan which is quite silent in operation. The PSU comes with Intelligent Fan Speed Control that increases & decreases the tốc độ of Fan depending on the load.

Final Words

Cooler Master Thunder 500W is really a star performer and one of the best budget SMPS in 500Watt range. It comes with 3 year warranty. So if you are looking for a good branded 500W SMPS for your computer then look no further & buy Cooler Master Thunder 500W.

You can also kiểm tra out the review of Corsair VS450 SMPS which is also very good budget SMPS for PCs with medium requirements. If you have any queries regarding this Cooler Master Thunder 500W SMPS or other SMPS then you can ask me by leaving a bình luận below.

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