Confidence là gì

< + to infinitive sầu > He has the confidence to lớn walk into a room of strangers and immediately start a conversation.

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a feeling of having little doubt about yourself and your abilities, or a feeling of trust in someone or something:
have sầu confidence in sb/sth "I have sầu the utmost confidence in hlặng, và know he will lead this franchise to lớn continued success and growth," West said.
Leitch warns that the insurance industry must raise standards to win back the confidence of investors.

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destroy/restore confidence Yesterday"s announcement is a timely và important step toward restoring global economic confidence.
boost/shatter/shake sb"s confidence One ayên ổn of the appraisal meetings is lớn boost the confidence of your team members.
if you tell someone something in confidence, it is with the agreement that they will not tell anyone else:
Insiders are barred from using significant business information that they have received in confidence.
Most of us would defkết thúc those confidences in one way or another with our honour or, it may be, even our liberty on occasions.
I am betraying no confidences, because my discussions with them took place in front of the television cameras, và they are all on the record.
I still think that the only proper recipient of the solicitor"s confidences would be the budgerigar.
Each of these made provision, after all, for the protection, among mỏi other things, of confidences of the citizen & for safeguarding law and order.
The problem would be that the category of information called "foreign confidences" is materially different from that category which relates to international relations in general.
Leaving that issue aside, it is absolutely clear that one requires a provision in the harm test which will khuyễn mãi giảm giá with foreign confidences.
I have sầu heard many doctors reveal confidences, at dinners & so on, which they should never have revealed.
I often think that the confidences told & exposed to lớn the social worker are more sensitive than the ones exposed to the doctor.
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Các tự thường được thực hiện cùng với confidence.

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A typological universal, if truly universal và if established with absolute confidence, would provide a powerful guide lớn reconstruction.
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