Clash of clans

Chinese Internet giant Tencent is spending $8.6 billion for a majority stake in Clash of Clans game publisher Supercell, a move sầu that will expvà the popular Mobile gaming franchise lớn more of Tencent"s massive user base.

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Tencent is buying out another Internet giant, Japan"s SoftBank, which had held a 73% stake in Supercell. Tencent"s consortium will own about 84% of the điện thoại games maker, valued at $8.57 billion, the remainder of which will be owned by Supercell"s own employees. The khuyến mãi values the Helsinki, Finland-based Supercell at about $10.2 billion.

The transaction is the seventh largest Chinese overseas acquisition on record, according to lớn Dealogic — ChemChina"s pending $46.7 billion giảm giá khuyến mãi for Syngenta is the largest — and the second largest gaming deal behind Chongqing New Century Cruise"s $9.1 billion acquisition of Giant Interactive last year.

Already the world"s largest video clip game company by revenue, Tencent is now "a truly global company," said Peter Warman, CEO of retìm kiếm firm Newzoo.

Tencent, valued at about $207 billion, is among muốn the world"s largest Internet, social networking và online entertainment providers with hundreds of millions of users on its QQ và WeChat messaging networks và customers of its MyApp store.

Supercell is ahy vọng the success stories in sản phẩm điện thoại gaming. More than 100 million daily play its top four games: Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Boom Beach & Hay Day. At one point, Clash of Clans, which launched on iOS devices in 2012 & Android in 2013, was the top game on both thiết bị di động platforms. The game is an online multiplayer combat strategy game in which players build strongholds, defkết thúc them and join clans to attack others.

In năm ngoái, Supercell generated about $2.3 billion in revenue, with earnings before interest, tax, depreciation & amortization (EBITDA) of $930 million, up 64% from 2014, according to lớn Reuters. Helping drive revenue was Clash of Clans" release in Trung Quốc in 2015.

“Supercell is known for its creativity, focus on player experience, và quality culture, which have enabled it lớn create innovative sản phẩm điện thoại games that are wildly popular globally," said Tencent President Martin Lau in a statement announcing the khuyến mãi.

Supercell will remain an independent studio và its existing management will continue lớn run the operation, Lau said. "It is important lớn us that Supercell stays true khổng lồ its roots by sustaining its unique culture, continuing khổng lồ be headquartered in Finland, và representing its home page proudly," he said.

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SoftBank Chairman Mayayoshi Son had mentioned khổng lồ Supercell CEO Ilkka Paananen that the company would be interested in finding a buyer for its stake in the company to finance its SoftBank 2.0 strategy, Paananen said on Supercell"s website site. SoftBank & Gung Ho Entertainment spent $1.5 billion for a 51% stake in the Supercell. Last year, SoftBank upped its stake khổng lồ 73%.

Partnering with Tencent will give sầu Supercell an even better avenue to China"s growing gaming market, Paananen said. "This new partnership offers us exciting growth opportunities in China, where we will be able lớn reach hundreds of millions of new gamers via Tencent’s channels,” he said.

Combined, the companies will generate about $13 billion in 2016, a 17% increase over năm ngoái, Newzoo estimates, and take in about 13% of all world gaming revenue.

Just as Supercell seeks to get better access khổng lồ the Chinese gaming market, so does the Shenzhen, China-headquartered Tencent Tencent alặng for an expanded global reach. It does own the world"s most popular online game, League of Legends, an online multiplayer battle aremãng cầu game played on Windows & Macintosh computers. And Tencent holds a 12% stake in Activision Blizzard; in 2015, it teamed with Activision khổng lồ launch hotline of Duty Online in China.

Last year, Tencent"s revenue from outside Asia amounted to $1.3 billion, or 15% of its total business, Newzoo"s Warman says. Aside from League of Legends, Tencent has been struggling to lớn grow its revenues outside of China, especially on Smartphone, he said. Now, the company will likely double or triple its revenue from outside Asia.

Clash of Clans và more recent release Clash Royale, a card-based strategy game released in March 2016, currently hold Nos. 3 và 5 across all thiết bị di động devices on ThinkGaming"s U.S. top game charts. Combat strategy game Boom Beach is No. 15, while farming game Hay Day is No. 22.

In a đoạn Clip released earlier this year, Supercell said it had killed 14 other projects during the time it had developed its top four games.

The deal"s total equity value of $10.2 billion dollars "recognizes the value of the phenomenal company that our people have built," Paananen said.