Catwalk là gì

a narrow path, raised above the ground, often built for workers to lớn walk on outside a building that is being built or repaired

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a narrow structure built beside a bridge or building or above a stage, used for walking or performing work
A catwalk is also a long, narrow stage used in a fashion show by models (= people employed to lớn show how new clothes look when they are worn).
The work completed in 1993 improved acoustics và added a public elevator, additional lighting & rigging, front-of-house catwalks, & reworked the facades.
In addition khổng lồ being connected on the first floor by the cafeteria, the seven buildings are also connected by a network of catwalks.
Construction grips also build stable catwalks around & above the sets for people to lớn walk on và or hang and attach more stuff khổng lồ.
Players start the game in a large multi-màn chơi maze-like arena filled with ramps, catwalks và windows.
The midspan and tower hydraulic damping mechanisms were also installed, và workers began removing the catwalks, tower buttresses, và other working platforms.
She has increasingly worked across all forms of truyền thông including television, film và the fashion catwalks.
There were also two satellite stages in the sides unified by small catwalks, to resemble an actual three-ring circus.
He has increasingly worked across all forms of media, including film, commercials, modeling, & fashion catwalks.

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According to the report: security guards hear voices, whistles, footsteps on the floor & on overhead catwalks.
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