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You might be wondering how lớn reset an Apple Watch if you’re selling it or giving away your smartwatch to lớn a friend or family thành viên. Or maybe you"re upgrading lớn the newest Apple Watch 6 from an earlier Mã Sản Phẩm such as the Apple Watch 3. Knowing how to lớn reset an Apple Watch is useful for when you’re simply looking lớn start fresh, too.

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Or, in the case you’ve sầu forgotten your passcode, you might need to rephối your Apple Watch khổng lồ recover lớn get it working again. Either way, resetting an Apple Watch is fast và easy, so long as you follow the right steps.

There are two methods for resetting your Apple Watch. If you have your iPhone nearby, you can use it to unpair your Apple Watch from your ecosystem of Apple devices. When you unpair your Apple Watch from your iPhone, it will restore the smartwatch to lớn factory settings.

You can also reset an Apple Watch directly on your wrist. Running a rephối from your Apple Watch will let you erase all its data and settings in one swoop.

Once you’ve rephối your Apple Watch, you won’t be able to retrieve your previous settings unless you’ve sầu ran an iCloud backup on your iPhone, so make sure to lớn take the appropriate steps beforehvà if you plan on restoring your Apple Watch once you’ve sầu rephối it.

Be sure to kiểm tra out our guide on how to lớn use the Apple Watch for more tips and tricks on making the most of one of the best smartwatches around.

Here’s how to lớn reset an Apple Watch.

How khổng lồ rephối an Apple Watch with your iPhone

1. Launch the Apple Watch app on your iPhone và make sure your Apple Watch and iPhone are currently paired. Go to the My Watch tab. Clichồng “All Watches” in the top left corner of the screen.

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3. Tap Unpair Apple Watch. If you have a Cellular Model, you’ll be asked whether you want to lớn keep or remove your data plan.

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4. Tap Unpair Apple Watch again to rephối your Apple Watch. If you have a passcode on your Watch you will be asked to enter your Apple ID password to lớn complete the unpair process.

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How to rephối an Apple Watch without your iPhone

You can rephối your Apple Watch on your iPhone, or you can remix it from your wrist. With this mind, you might want to lớn assign a passcode for your Apple Watch if you haven"t already. That way, if you misplace your Apple Watch or it gets into someone else"s hands, it can"t be remix without your credentials. See our guide on how khổng lồ mix up your Apple Watch for help creating a passcode.

1. On your Apple Watch open Settings & tap General.

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3. Tap Erase All Content & Settings. If you have a Cellular mã sản phẩm, you’ll be asked whether you want to keep or remove sầu your plan.

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4. Enter your passcode và tap Erase All khổng lồ remix your Apple Watch khổng lồ factory settings.

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