Anker soundcore sport xl bluetooth speaker review

The £54.99 Anker SoundCore Thể Thao XL is built for the outdoors with an IP67 waterproof rating (1m depth) và an impressive 20m Công nghệ Bluetooth range. It can play around 15 hours of music after 3-4 hours of charging. Read on khổng lồ find out how the Anker SoundVi xử lý Core Sport XL performs.

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The Soundbộ vi xử lý Core Thể Thao XL speaker will give sầu you durability và an impressive Bluetooth không dây range for £54.99. Find out how it performs in a crowded market.

ByMiriam Harris, Contributor


Two 8W stereo drivers are built into lớn this blaông xã box, along with two dual passive sầu subwoofers for bass. The music is loud for a small room và would carry nicely in the outdoors, but may not provide the best choice for a large lounge.

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The bass has a good impact but doesn’t extend into lớn the sub-bass regions, & the treble provides a decent output but also doesn’t extover or give sầu sparkle compared to lớn other speakers at a similar price point. We found the sound to be slightly V-shaped and have recessed mids, which is unfortunate, given its price tag.

We did find its soundstage lớn be wide và have a good depth, providing you with a goodsurround sound from a Bluetooth không dây speaker.

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Anker SoundChip Core Sport XL: Specs

Connectivity: công nghệ Bluetooth không dây 4.1, a 5V 2A USB output, 3.5milimet aux input đầu vào, Micro USB charging portSpeaker Drivers: 2 mid-high range driversTotal RMS Power: 2x8 WattsFrequency Response: 20Hz-20kHzSignal khổng lồ Noise Ratio: UnknownPower: Rechargeable lithium polymer batteryDimensions: 175x78x43mm

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