X96 Mini 4K, Android TV with 4K support

Android 9 - Remote Included - 4K Video - H.265 Codec

If your TV has turned a certain age but is working properly, why change it? You"ll probably ask this question over và over again, trying lớn convince yourself that you don"t need a SmartTV. B

ut, of course, considering that we spkết thúc half our lives watching Netflix series or YouTube videos, a cutting-edge TV would make our lives a lot easier, wouldn"t it?

What if I told you that you could have sầu a SmartTV without changing your current TV? Yes, now it"s possible thanks to the Android TV we offer on giaidap.info, like this X96 Mini 4K.

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Everything you need thanks lớn Android TV

Android TV devices have sầu evolved a lot và now offer us a multitude of great options.

Thanks khổng lồ this X96 Mini 4K you will be able to lớn play games that you download from Google Playwatch films và series from Netflix, kiểm tra your social networks, watch videos in streaming...

In short, an endless number of possibilities to enjoy. The X96 Mini 4K is made of high-quality matt blaông chồng plastic.

Limitless Possibilities

X96 Mini 4K Android connects to lớn TV via HDXiaoMi MI 2.0 cable compatible with 4K resolution & includes mạng internet connectivity via cable or WiFi khổng lồ provide us with all the content of the network.

This supports playbaông xã in 4K video clip format (although this also depends on the resolution of our TV) and comes with a remote to lớn control it directly from our sofa.

In addition, it is possible to lớn connect a USB to watch your favourite pictures, videos or films.

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You can connect it to lớn your smartphone & watch its nội dung on a much bigger screen thanks to Miracast & DLNA.

Android 9 & Streaming Video

Another feature of this type of device is that, by integrating Android as an operating system, they are compatible with most of our favorite applications.

H96 Mini Plus includes the Android 9 operating system with an Amlogic S905W quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 up to lớn 1.5GHz.

This also comes with a penta-core Mali-450 750Mhz graphics thẻ that, as mentioned above, can decode đoạn Clip in 4K resolution.

BuyX96 Mini 4K at giaidap.info

Improve sầu your old TV with thisX96 Mini 4K at the best price và 2-year warranty. Shipping from Spain.

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Complete your purchase along with anExternal Hard Drive sầu (External HDD) ora USB Flash Drive (USB Memory) to increase the memory of the device up lớn 2TB and watch your nội dung offline.

Package Contents:

1 x X96 Mini 4K 2GB / 16GB Android 9 - Android TV1 x Remote Control1 x HDMI Cable1 x nguồn Adapter1 x User Guide

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