You want to lớn enjoy & tải về high quality music 3đôi mươi kbps or even Lossless on Zing Mp3 but vì chưng not have sầu a VIP account? Very simple because the article below will be a guide to register a Zing Vip account so you can immediately own a Zing Mp3 VIP.. account with a period of 30 days of use.

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First, lớn have sầu a Zing VIPhường tài khoản you need to lớn register for a Zing tài khoản, in addition to lớn how to lớn register Zing Mp3 on your computer, we can also Zing mp3 subscription on the phone very easy. Once you have subscribed lớn Zing Mp3, you can also use this tiện ích further with attractive features. These features are activated when users have registered for themselves a Zing VIPhường tài khoản.

How lớn sign up for an trương mục Zing Vip

To be able to lớn sign up for a Zing Vip tài khoản, first you need to lớn tải về and install the latest Zing MP3 version for Android phones và iPhones under the direct link below.

Download Zing mp3 here

Download Zing Mp3 for Android here

Download Zing Mp3 for iPhone here

Note: This is just a tip based on Zing’s 1 month account giveaway policy, but if you have sầu conditions and want to use it for a long time, you should sign up for the official VIPhường package to help Zing maintain & serve sầu you well. than.

Method 1: On iOS.

You open the application Zing mp3. Continue to press the icon Option then press on Personal page.

Users can use Zing Vip for miễn phí 30 days, or Enter the Code khổng lồ upgrade Zing Vip.


Method 2: On an Android device.

For Android devices, you can also sign up for a trial 30 days.

Once the trial is over, you can purchase Zing VIP as a bundle: 30 days, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year.


Method 3: On the computer.

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For your computer clichồng on Zing Mp3 trương mục, select Upgrade your trương mục.


Then choose number of VIPhường. days want khổng lồ buy & pay with money from the card.


With this Zing VIPhường nâng cấp guide, Zing users can listen to lớn music và download Zing Mp3 music with high unique. When you become a VIP.. trương mục, you will enjoy many incentives such as:

– Listen to lớn high chất lượng music, enjoy the music melodies with original chất lượng (320 Kbps / Lossless).

– Listen to music offline, easily access high-chất lượng songs, playlists anytime without Internet connection or 3G.

– No ads, advertisements will not appear when you listen khổng lồ music to provide the best experience.

– Extremely fast tốc độ, you will be using your own connection to lớn tải về, listen khổng lồ music or watch videos at Zing MP3.

– Multi-device experience: enjoy life with Zing VIPhường anywhere, with any of your devices.

After you have sầu registered for a Zing Vip tài khoản, quickly download all the music lists on the chart khổng lồ your phone with the highest chất lượng. With high quality when downloading with Zing VIPhường, you will download playlists on ZING MP3 to lớn your phone to lớn listen in offline mode at any time. Music chất lượng is also preserved when you run out of VIPhường. trương mục.

Another software that also supports listening to lớn online music, downloading music offline is no less than Zing Mp3 is Nhaccuatui. As one of the oldest music websites, now Nhaccuatui also has very good music player software on both Android & iOS. Even many users rated Nhaccuatui tiện ích better than Zing Mp3.

In addition lớn listening to lớn music & downloading music on Zing Mp3. If you want lớn tải về Mp3 music from websites, other social networks you can use Mp3 Downloader to support. Mp3 Downloader is designed to download .mp3 music files lớn your computer. Simply choose the tuy vậy you like, the rest let Mp3 Downloader take care.